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Santa Claus Comes To Everybody 2009

Dear friends, thank you for supporting the "Santa Claus Comes To Everybody" action by "Future is Open" educational NGO!
Your warm letters and encouraging calls, donations and personal participations made it possible to extend the spirit of the New Year miracle & hope to the people, who really need it. During the December 07-25, 2009 fundraising more than 300.000 drams was collected and spent on events and gifts for the endangered children (from orphanages, special schools), blind people and needy families (mostly living in Gyumri's temporary shelters).
The donators and participants have already been presented the report.
We are sure together we can achieve more in this year!

Together we can do anything
Together we can do anything

It is already the 5th year that we, the volunteers of "Future is Open" NGO, have been bringing to life the vision of giving equal opportunities to endangered children through education. We are sure that children from orphanages, special schools and needy families can and must get more than being condemned to a low paid job at deadlock. We started this educational year taking part in the wonderful event organized on September 3rd. We are full of motivation and enthusiasm to continue developing the projects for the improvement of educational level of children from orphanages, special schools and needy families. These are not just lessons: we do our best to pass our love and care to children, make them sure they can achieve anything through education, and give them strength to make their dreams come true.
Have you seen the delight of children at orphanages when they meet their dear volunteers? Do you want to feel their sincere interest when they meet new volunteers, who have come to help them? You can also help these children. Together we can do anything.

A visit to solo concert of chorus "Arevner"
A visit to solo concert of chorus 'Arevner'

Thanks to hard and devoted work of "Future is Open" educational NGO team, on the 3rd of September the first event was organized in the academic year of 2009-2010. Children from needy families were given the chance to be present at children's solo concert of chorus "Arevner" (Suns) organized in the frames of Armenian Music Fest. During the concert, the children performed a duet with the little singers, singing on the stage, greeted with warm applause. They even danced in a small group in order making the series of music more pleasing.
Both the children and the teenagers were all happy during those several hours. In the tunes of quiet music, they were all reeling hand in hand, and the sparkle of their sincere childish rejoicing was obvious in their eyes.

On the way back the children had a short excursion about evening Yerevan, sharing their impressions with one another, as well as with us.

A visit to solo concert of chorus 'Arevner'
So we, being the group of volunteers, who try to favor these children with unforgettable moments of joy, were more content as our work makes them experience so many happy moments. And hearing words like "I'll never forget" or "Thank you very much for organizing such a pleasant evening for us" we have the burning desire to support the needy children of our society find their ways revealing their future.
"Future is Open" educational NGO makes suchlike events recurrently for the purpose of encouraging them much more in order to study better and be able be a success through their knowledge and purposefulness.

Main news page pages: 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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