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I have a dream... Computer classes in Vanadzor orphanage
I have a dream...
   On December 3 the Armenian language class in Special School # 12 turned into a pathetic inspirational class. Having in mind that it is vital that the children should be introduced to the core challenges that the humanity have faced, the staff of FIO decided to dedicate one class of Armenian to the reading and analysis of the speech "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King.
   The speech, translated into Armenian by volunteer Ms. Marieta Grigoryan, was distributed to the children in hard copy, yet they were able to as well listen to the enthralling and inspiring voice of Martin Luther King in English.
   After reading and listening to the emotional speech volunteer Ms. Haykuhi Melqonyan told them the biography of Martin Luther King. Then a discussion was triggered and the children could dig out the key message and concepts of the speech, such as freedom and peace, "all the people are equal", "people should not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character". During the discussion they were asked to tell about their own dreams and how they imagined their future. Since the question on the whole remained unanswered, it became a permanent task for them to think about their dreams.
Computer classes in Vanadzor orphanage
   "Future is open" NGO made a notable step upon its main goal, to include all the RA orphanages in one educational network. Now the children in Vanadzor orphanage have the chance to use Internet connection provided by the NGO free of charge to serve the purpose of enriching their educational process with didactic electronic materials and keeping in pace with the progress of electronic era in general, by using e-mail.
   It is already a year and a half that the classes have been running and the orphanage employee/volunteer Hasmik makes a monthly report on the progress of the classes. We are gratified to mention that the latest report stated that the children can already freely use Internet and they master elementary computer skills.
   Even though currently the NGO finance lack does not allow taking the children, who are in the orphanages outside Yerevan, into the immediate educational care of our volunteers, yet we should hope that due to these computer classes they will obtain more or less sufficient know-how and computer literacy, which will help them a great deal in the nearest future to find easily jobs in the administrative and other fields.
Football and Basketball Trainings Launched in Special School #12
Football and Basketball Trainings Launched in Special School #12
   Football and basketball trainings have launched, conducted every Tuesday (basketball) and Wednesday (football) by volunteering Coaches Emma Aslanyan and Hayk Maghaqyan. Children from 5th to 9th grades of this school participate in the trainings.
   Even though the children joined in the trainings mainly for the sake of satisfying their curiosity, the enthusiasm of getting in touch with new people, yet in fact these trainings are the basic assets of their physical appropriate education, despite children's complete unawareness of the latter. We believe that it is the right time and place for organizing these trainings, as physical activities occupy very small time within the routine schedule of these children.
   Having in view, as a guiding lighthouse, the main objective of our NGO, that only being armed with knowledge and stable education children can build safe and solid future, volunteers Mr. Hayk and Miss Emma teach the children the rules of these two types of sports with conscientiousness and tolerance, without setting it as main objective to make professional footballers or basketball players out of them. (But who knows...) It is more important that from beginning they should learn to play following the rules of these games. In the spring of 2008 these two teams will participate in sports competitions.
Interview with the representatives of the NGO How the children celebrated the Teacher's day
Interview with the representatives of the NGO
   The invitation from "in the morning" program of Armenia's public television was unexpected for "Future is Open" NGO. On that day the president of the NGO Samvel Movsisyan and educational programs coordinator Marieta Grigoryan visited the TV station to take part in the program, which was hosted by Nazeni Hovhannisyan. By giving detailed answers to all the questions the representatives of the NGO could introduce the organization's goals, work and problems. We hope that the society will not be indifferent towards them.
   At the end of the program the representatives of the NGO appealed to Armenian society mentioning that if each Armenian helps a child and that child helps somebody else to show his gratefulness, so in the nearest future there will be no child in need in Armenia.

P.S. The organization will continue helping the children by educating them and making them tomorrow's exemplary citizens of Armenia.

How the children celebrated the Teacher's day
   On that day a great event was organized at #12 special school, which was a surprise for both teachers and volunteers of "Future is Open" NGO. With the help of several teachers and volunteers children tried to organize an event to show teachers' role and importance in their lives. We must mention that they did quite a good job. The children introduced different verses, songs and dancing items, which touched the audience and proved one more time that these children can reach and do more, than the society expects from them.
Appeal from India Celebrating the autumn
Appeal from India
   In 2006, Samvel Movsisyan, president of "Future is Open" NGO, visited India, where he had a series of meetings with Indian NGOs, working with underprivileged children and shared experiences of undertaken activities of supporting these children. What is more important, the cooperation and co-counselling were not over with that visit. And e-mail correspondence is still going on. Below find please a letter of good will to our organization, written by Ms. Preethy Thomas.
   I am really happy that "Future is Open" NGO is actively pursuing to be a success in its charitable activities! And I appreciate the concept of educational NGO, it is really important for the underprivileged to give some support for the education, which is a core issue in this generation. Make aware about this organization via mails, advertisements, media etc. so that people in need can approach you.
Ms. Preethy Thomas
   In India, there are many such children who are in need of support and help, I suggest people to spare some part of their life's time to see the places and feel what they require in their life and support in some or the other way.
All my best wishes to the whole team!

Best Regards,
Preethy Thomas

   The whole team of "FIO" express our gratitude to Preethy Thomas!!!

Celebrating the autumn
   On November 15 2007 lively and high spirit reigned in School #12 Events Hall, as autumn in its entire charm had moved in. Autumn colours, harvest, spirit... and all that due to the pedagogues and schoolchildren, who had not spared any efforts to create a convincing autumn picture.
   The childrenís parents, teachers, our volunteers and Yerevan State Linguistic University students were there to celebrate autumn with the children. Itís worth mentioning that the children had prepared well enough in a short period of time for the celebration and they managed to entertain the audience through their songs, poems and humour, praising autumn harvest and charm.
   As the event was a performance-competition, the children performed with great enthusiasm and interest, which was obvious not only from their performance but also from their stage clothes with various charming autumn solutions.
   At the end of the celebration all the classes were awarded for their wonderful work done.
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