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Children's visit to "Future is Open" NGO Office About an Exciting Class in an Orphanage
Children's visit to 'Future is Open' NGO Office
   On April 25, 2008 a group of children visited 'Future is Open' educational NGO Office to get better acquainted with volunteering activities and to watch the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness' - Will Smith (in Russian) in the scope of the Russian language class – (the main idea was how it feels like to be poor, yet at the same time to be able to climb up the social stairs, provided there is a wish and inner motivation, and no effort is spared in that regard).
   The children posed questions about volunteering; afterwards we passed on to watching and discussion of the movie. They were all eyes and ears while watching; scene by scene they had certain associations with their own lives, getting also answers through the movie to questions, such as how one can have big achievements being homeless and in a tight position.
   At the end of the Russian language class and the strained movie watching process, the volunteers had arranged a small treatment, which had a refreshing and entertaining effect upon the children. In this way the NGO is planning to have the children get acquainted with its activities and by displaying best examples include the able adults in volunteering activities, to help other children. These activities have as if become a practical technique: by helping them we do not look forward to their gratitude, but their readiness to help other children, who need the helping hand of each of us.
An Exciting Class in an Orphanage
   On April 28, 2008 during one of the classes in the orphanage volunteer Alisa Sarhatyan, in the frames of a discussion about professions, invited a fruit designer, who showed the children the process of cutting and designing apple, banana, orange etc.. While the designer was cutting the fruit, the children were attentively following, at the same time answering the teacher's questions, as to what fruit it was, what color, if it grew in Armenia or not...
   It was a great surprise for the kids, as they had never seen uncut whole fruit, as was the remark by one of the nurses. The matter is that they are always served ready food in the kitchen; even many of them have not ever seen a raw egg or a potato with peel. Sure all this is pitiful, but the fact will only give us strength, so that we should be able to continue this God-pleasing mission, as they are our future, aren't they...?
"Colgate" Company Visit to Special Type Orphanage One more method to keep in touch with children
"Colgate" Company Visit to Special Type Orphanage
   We are pleased to inform you that visits, organized by various companies tend to become more frequent to "Future is Open" NGO, which indicates the fact that the interest and care for the education of the orphanage, special type schools and socially vulnerable children have increased.
   The latest visit to special type orphanage was made by "Colgate" Company Armenian representative. They had not only prepared presents for the children but they also organized educational presentation, during which Doctor Marineh practically explained the structure of a tooth and all the necessary activities required for maintaining healthy teeth. The children were perceivably interested and were following Doc. Marineh's speech with full attention.
   Suchlike educational presentations are highly valuable in their significance, as since early age due to comprehensive and impressive explanation, conscious attitude will guide them through the important activity of teeth care.
One more method to keep in touch with children
   "Future is Open" NGO launches a new project, the essence of which is establishing contact by e-mail between various people (or organizations) and orphanages, special type schools and socially vulnerable children. The project responsibles have already started preparatory activities for the project start as of initial ten children. It is planned to have a corresponding section in the website for this purpose.
   We appeal to everyone to actively participate in this project and keep in touch through e-mail to at least one child. We hope that in this way we will be able to be useful to children in need and make their lives more interesting through regular news update.
March 8 – Celebration That Touches These Children
March 8 – Celebration That Touches These Children
   On March 7, celebrations devoted to Mother's Day were organized in a number of orphanages and special schools, during which the children were praising the existence of the person called "Mother". Each time they were saying "Mother", they did not just pronounce it, they felt and lived that sacred word innerly. Tears persistently were flowing down from their eyes and the audience was trying hard to calm their stormed hearts. The site was so moving that words are so vain to give an exact description...
   Still their eyes are so sad, and smile is such a rear guest on their faces, so it must be our personal care to do more to support these children!
   We congratulate all Mothers and Women and wish that each of them realize that maternity is a God Gift and responsible designation and those who fail to realize it, we wish that they soon come to themselves unless it is too late and that they also feel the bliss of being mother. We would also like to ask all children not to pronounce "mom!" by the force of habit each time, but try to feel and breathe that sacred word...
"The World and Me" class guest is D. Jamalyan Appeal for Cooperation
"The World and Me" class guest is D. Jamalyan
   On March 4th psychologist David Jamalyan was the guest of the class "The World and Me" in #12 special school. He works at Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Bryusov. During the meeting he presented the subject of psychology and its role in the life of the people. The subject of psychology is to scientifically explain the following issue: to realize efficient and successful life activities, one should not only study to know his/her own personality, but also others.
   Apart from that, issues, such as motherland, its role, famous heroes, patriotism and our own duty towards our country, were discussed with the children.
   At the end of the class, the children thanked Mr. Jamalyan with an expectation to meet him again.
Appeal for Cooperation
   Dear visitor, since 2005 our NGO has realized educational programs in orphanages and special schools. Our main objective is to assist the children in these institutions to raise their educational level. Viewing education as an important priority in the life of each child, we are trying our utmost to be useful to them in that respect. Our NGO has no sponsors, but the NGO team is comprised of volunteers, due to the enthusiastic commitment of which we are able to carry out our programs.
   Please contact us, if you are willing to cooperate with us, as individual or company. We are ready to help these children together with you. Their educational needs are huge and quite a lot, so we still have much to do and lack your help.
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