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Cultural Event in Narekatsi Art Institute Third Pan-Armenian Educational Consular Meeting Invitation
Cultural Event in Narekatsi Art Institute
   A cultural event was organized together with representatives of IREX in Armenia and "Future is Open" educational NGO in which children of an orphanage took part.
   During the event "Karin" dance group taught the children a number of Armenian National dances. Both the direct communication and the dances, represented by the group, were of great importance to the children. Though the event lasted more than 3 hours, it was short for them as they liked it very much. We promised that they will take part in suchlike interesing events.

   P.S. These events are carried out in the frames of our summer projects.

Pan-Armenian Educational Consular Meeting
   Third Pan-Armenian Educational Consular Meeting is to be held July 25-27, 2008 by the Ministry of Education, during which the main issues will be discussed concerning Armenian Institutions, making Armenia-Diaspora relations stronger, as well as developing further cooperation.
   Beeing enabled to take part in the Consular Meeting for the first time, president of "Future is Open" educational NGO Samvel Movsisyan and academic affaris coordiator Marieta Grigoryan will represent reports, make suggestions which may bring to further Armenia-Dispora relations stronger, cooperative fulfilment of educational projects (for example, "Pen Pals" project, etc.), as well as create conditions for "Each child possessing a computer" project in Armenian Institutions.
   We are sure that the fulfilment of above mentioned will do good to the educational system of our country. Our educational plans and projects are quite many as well as interesting. The rest is to find people who can help us bring all these to life.

   At the Consular Meeting people from Diaspora, Government, NGOs and other instituions are invited to take part.

June 1st - International Day of Children's Protection
June 1st  - International Day of Children's Protection
   It's already the 3rd year "Future is Open" educational NGO hasn't organized any events in June 1st. Through this we want to show that these children should be paid attention to during the whole year. They do need help constantly not only on the 1st of June (for only a single day). On that day too many people suddenly remember children in need and start taking the advertising field, which has never been admitted by our organization.
   We appeal to everyone/every organization that remember these children only on the 1st of June to join us (or to any other organization working in this sphere) and help them in their daily problems (educational, social, etc.).
   In this way we'll be able to make many dreams of theirs come true– hoping that future is really open for them.
   It's only education through which we'll be able to create favorable future for them (having a specialization they'll be able to work in the future, but through constant help we make them sit and wait for a helping hand). And through inappropriate help we simply spoil their lives.
Summer Programs 2007-2008 Educational Year Wrap-up
Summer Programs
   "Future is Open" educational NGO launches summer programs, which have been planned to be carried out in several orphanages in Yerevan and marzes.
   We plan to make children's summer holidays eventful, organizing yard camps, educational games, discussions and sightseeing. The classes will be interrupted during the summer not to bore the children, instead interesting activities will be undertaken. We are trying to organize each activity in a way, to make it an inceptive for them to study better to have stable dignified life.
   They look forward to the classes due to start in September (Armenian, Russian, English, computer, chess etc), before that partaking in enjoyable undertakings.
A meeting with 'Future is Open' NGO volunteers
   On May 18, 2008 a meeting with "Future is Open" NGO volunteers took place on the overview of the classes during the last educational year. Discussions covered the following subjects: overall achievements, programs progress, shortcomings, chairs quality performance etc.. Each volunteer made comments on the observations they had made during their work, related to the children, cooperation/non-cooperation and curricula. Among the achievements it should be mentioned the set up of a new group "Shushan (5-8 y)" in special type orphanage, launching new class "The World and Me"' in Special type school #12, visits made by various organizations, start of the new project "en pals" etc. During the year we have also had shortcomings and flaws both in the curricula and volunteers work, besides, the desire to learn has weakened in the children of Special type school. We will do our best to overcome these shortcomings during the next educational year.
   The volunteers had also suggestions, such as going on the educational activities during the summer, organizing yard camps or a method was proposed to solve the psychological problems of the children, which are sometimes a hindrance in the educational process, enabling the Universities Psychology Faculty students to pass their internship in the NGO. At the end "Future is Open" educational NGO President S. Movsisyan gave Certificates of Gratitude to the volunteers who had performed their volunteering work with special commitment and conscientiousness.
Lousine Stepanyan's Visit to Special School 'Future is Open' NGO Supervising Personnel Meeting
Lousine Stepanyan's Visit to Special School
   Lousine Stepanyan is a trainer at British Council in Armenia. She has much experience in training specialists working with children. It is already a year that Lousine has been conducting trainings for the volunteers of 'Future is Open' educational NGO before they start classes.
   On May 6, 2008 she had a target visit to special school to talk to children and get acquainted with their problems, which will help to address certain educational needs in the training process.
   The children posed their questions and got answers to all of them.

   Suchlike meetings are key undertakings, as they help certain educational programs reach exact goals set forth.

   To discuss May 17th second educational term end and activities related to summer programs, a meeting occurred with participation of 'Future is Open' educational NGO supervising personnel. They had a detailed discussion about their future plans and had some arrangements in that regard, setting a clear time schedule. Despite the financial troubles, the team is going on to address the issues set forth and realize all the programs, to the benefit of raising the educational level of the children and nurturing their belief in open future. 'Future is Open' NGO continues its educational programs due to the enthusiasm and commitment of its volunteers. We realize, that we are a small NGO, but we have high beliefs and hope against hope that in the nearest future, our and all the future volunteers' efforts will if not fully, at least partly solve the large-scale problems, available currently in the education of poor children.
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