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Programs for the Summer Phase The End of 2008-2009 Academic Year
Programs for the Summer Phase
   Summing up the results of 2008-2009 academic year "Future is Open" educational NGO has entered the phase of summer programs. Summer camps, visits to different sightseeing and historical-cultural centers are meant to visit with children which will give the them the opportunity to be introduced to the wealth and history of their homeland. Different walking tours through the streets of Yerevan, visits to various commercial centers and companies are to be organized, where the children will learn how to behave and make use of public services.
   Dear reader, if you have any suggestion for making summer programs more meaningful, please contact us. We are sure, that the events organized together will be very useful for the children.
The End of 2008-2009 Academic Year
   2008-2009 Academic Year ended on 23 May with different events, written and oral presentations, through which the children/volunteers made reports of the work done during the whole year. We can estimate the results as follows: this year the results were considerably good, as more and more children can read fluently Armenian, Russian and English, as well as there are children who can work with a computer. The results of football, basketball, chess and draughts classes were pleasing as well, as the children showed their knowledge through different games/competitions.
   We are sure that consistent work attitude can essentially change the future of endangered children. We are sure that giving first essential knowledge to these children, we can give them special/professional knowledge as well through which they will be able to earn their living with dignity and start a family living an honorable life.
Theatre Group The Lessons
Theatre Group
   At the beginning of 2008-2009 academic year the organization launched new the educational classes including a theatre group. The purpose of this lesson is to reveal and support artistically talented children. More than 20 children take part in the Theatre Group. They have already managed to get acquainted with the general rules of the playing on a stage and performed several performances(Jonathan Livingston gull, Brave Nazar, etc.) The last performance proved that there are really talented children among them, and they do have chances to become real actors/actresses as well as spread our culture.
   The emotionality was so much in the performing that the audience could not remain indifferent to the artistic play of the children. The problems concealed in their eyes were even deeper and more exciting. They were playing sincere, with devotion. This was the greatest thanks to all the volunteers, who had been working with them all year round.
The Lessons
   The process of the lessons carried out by the volunteers of the organization are quite successful. All the lessons are carried out due to the timetable, and the most important thing is that the educational progress is obvious and quite successful among the children. Current studies, accidental visits to the lessons of the volunteers show that our team carries out the educational classes devotedly and at high level for needy children. Among the lessons the results of English and Russian can be distinguished which are excellent. The results are even obvious among children under the age of 2-6. Their knowledge and vocabulary is equal to the knowledge of first-second form children.
   Keeping up this pace can guarantee great results, rising the standard of children's knowledge, which is the main aim of the "Future is Open" educational NGO.
Children's visit to the office of the organization March 8
Children's visit to the office of the organization
   Feeling the children being encouraged visiting the office of "Future is Open" educational NGO we often try to organize suchlike things. Last time they had the Russian lesson at the office in March 20.
   Seeking to make the educational process more interesting and desirable, the volunteers and the children watched an interesting short cartoon connected with the lesson. Then more than 30 children present took part in a game full of surprises with great enthusiasm and joy based on the topic of the lesson.
   We hope to be able to organize suchlike meetings in the future, too.
   Dear reader, you can also participate.
March 8, 2009
   Events devoted to the Celebration of Mother's Day are usual phenomena. But not for these children. Like all other children, they are very different, but there is one general thing about them: many of them are deprived of mother care.
   If you were present together with us at the events organized by them, you would see how much tear the usual word "Mother" causes in them.
   Of course, nothing can substitute maternal love and care, but we love them and as an elder sister or brother, we try to warm up their hearts and make them sure that their mother loves them and will come for them by all means.
   Dear reader, together we can help them much more.
The lessons have started 2nd semester - preparatory works
The lessons have started
   The lessons of the second term of 2008-2009 have started successfully. The lessons started as soon as all the programmes for all the groups were ready under the guidance of Marieta Grigoryan: Academic Coordinator of the Organization, as well as the volunteers were appointed for certain groups. Lessons are carried out each day (except on Saturday and Sunday), in which children of orphanages/special schools and needy families take part. The lessons were hardly carried out during the first week, as both the volunteers and the children missed each other so much(due to one-month winter holidays) and that was the reason that they spoke much about the way they had spent their holidays at their first lesson. From the second week the lessons are being carried out regularly. The children are again involved in the educational process set by the organization and promised to study better this term.
The lessons have started
This every-day communication makes us happier because it is during this period that we see the results of the educational programmers.

   Join our group if you believe that you can change the future of even one child throughout your activities.

2nd semester - preparatory works
   Having carried out all the planned New Year programs successfully "Future is Open" educational NGO launches the preparatory work of the lessons for the second term of the educational year. The volunteers of the organization try to raise the educational level of the children making the educational materials more and more available to them. The latter is one of the goals of the organization, the results of which each year are seen in children's lives. This practical evidence gives the youth much more strength to continue the programs they have ahead. They believe that both our Armenian children and the youth as well as in general an Armenian person must be clever, educated and be able to earn his living fairly and honorably.
   All those who want to join the ideas of the organization in bringing to life can get in touch with us.

   P.S. The lessons of the second term are to start in February 9, 2009.

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