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Summer projects are over
Summer projects are over

After announced fundraising for summer projects there were sympathetic people who were not indifferent about the future of children. And on the 22nd of August "Future is Open" educational NGO was given a chance to organize a trip for 60 children (from orphanage and special type school) to the wonderful-columnar Garni temple and the Geghard Monastery of Middle Ages. It was very touching to see Armenian ancient buildings, which are alive for centuries together with the children who are in the most vulnerable situation and every day are fighting for finding their own place in the world. Putting these together you realize that an Armenian never gives up. When you see the shining sun in children's eyes your heart starts to burn with their fire. The reflection of Armenian most powerful and ancient buildings in children's souls gives them a great strength to fight and reach the suns. It was very interesting to watch the children during the whole trip: on the way to the temple, they sang Armenian songs and recited poetry, in the park they played joyful games and filled the air with infectious laugh. With inexplicable interest they got acquainted with Armenian history. On the way back, in spite of the tiredness, children continued to sing and dance...

Summer projects are over
We hope that summer projects will encourage children and they will start their new educational year with much more pleasure and interest day by day increasing the knowledge which will become the strongest weapon on their way to success.Thus, "Future is Open" educational NGO finishes its summer projects turning to the educational projects for new 2009-2010 academic year (for children of orphanages, special schools and needy families).

We believe that our help is fulcrum, and the ways are many, the choice is free and the Future is Open...

Fundraising for summer event
Fundraising for summer event

Summer is coming to end...

Children are delighted with the summer projects organized by "Future is Open" educational NGO. Miracles of Armenian beautiful nature are being reflected in children's eyes and you can feel how they get force and energy from homeland. Especially this point encourages us to organize sightseeing in native Armenia again and again. Summer is coming to the end but there are still children who had no chance of being out of Yerevan. With your support and together we can change this situation and organize next trip on August 22, 2009 which will be filled by laugh and fun of many children.

If You want to help and support the realization of this project, please contact us until August 21, 2009

phone: (374-10) 55 91 26 (from 14:00 to 18:00)

Summer Projects are Being Carried Out
Summer Projects are Being Carried Out
   In the frames of summer projects, "Future is Open" educational NGO volunteers organize various visits to different places of interest in Armenia, resort centers, the Zoo, a swimming pool for the children of orphanages, special schools as well as for children from needy families.
   These events revive a great interest in children. They try to use the knowledge acquired during the lessons and to base all they have learnt during theoretical lessons. This is the way, "Future is Open" educational NGO volunteers try to encourage the children to study better and gain more knowledge in the upcoming academic year.
   During the events, happen such wonderful and interesting incidents that make the organization arrange suchlike events more often. The last visit to the Zoo then to the swimming pool was especially unforgettable. In fact, we are unable to describe the delight of the children, and if you could support or take part even in one event, you would make sure yourself. Let us spread the kind news trying to organize suchlike events more often for the needy children in Armenia.

The events in the frames of summer projects are being carried out till the end of August.

A Visit to the Monasteries of Khor Virap and Noravanq
A Visit to the Monasteries of  Khor Virap and Noravanq
   May 16, 2009 about more than 60 children visited Khor Virap and Noravanq in the frames of summer programs. This visit was of historical value to the children as it was the first time such a visit had been organized for them. They were listening to the volunteers of the organization who were giving them special information about each place briefly and in an interesting way.
   At Noravanq the children met Reverend Father Sahak, Pastor, who talked to the children about life, belief, then he prayed in a loud voice "The Lord's Prayer" with children's active participation (at church yard). Then, getting to a resting area, a little far away from Noravanq, the volunteers provided the children with food, after which they organized interesting and teaching games. The children were so much delighted and happy that they did not want to return.
   The volunteers of the organization hope to organize suchlike events in the frames of summer programs, in which you can also participate and support.
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