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Chess classes have begun Training programs
Chess classes have begun
   Beginning from the 4th of October "Future is Open" NGO has begun chess classes for the children from #12 special school. The request to begin classes came from the children. After the fist class children promised that they are going to work hard, in order to take part in chess competitions among youngsters to be held next year.
Training programs
   Since the 22nd of September "Future is Open" educational NGO has launched the training programs for its volunteers. The trainings are implemented by Lusine Stepanyan, who is a trainer at British Council and a volunteer at "Future is Open" NGO. After each training volunteers assure that they are very helpful for them during the classes at orphanages and special schools.
2007 - 2008 academic year Wedding at Vanadzor orphanage
2007 - 2008 academic year
   "Future is Open" educational NGO has begun the first semester classes at orphanages and special type schools since the 17th of September. The first classes have already been conducted. Children were waiting for the beginning of the classes with enthusiasm and welcomed volunteers very warmly.
   Besides the classes the organization has scheduled other activities as well, which include sightseeing, visits to historical and cultural institutions, universities etc.
Wedding at Vanadzor orphanage
   There was a great feast at the Vanadzor orphanage on the 26th of August. With the support of the orphanage director - Arshaluys Harutyunyan, Lyuba (one of the young ladies from orphanage) was marrying. It is interesting that Lyuba's two other sisters had already found their second halves and married. Lyuba, who attracted Anushavan from Vanadzor, wasn't an exception either.
   The wedding party of this nice couple took place on Sunday, where many guests, a small group of relatives and, the most important, children from orphanage and staff were present. Children were escorting one of their elder sisters - Lyuba. The whole wedding party was very touching and nice. We are sure that we will be hearing a lot about this young family.

   The whole staff of the "Future is Open" educational NGO congratulates Anushavan and Lyuba for their responsible and nice step. We are sure that they will be an example for many and many children who will form their exemplary families.

Summer Camp Preparatory work
Summer Camp
   Fortunately, "Future is Open" NGO was able to send 10 children from special types of schools to spend 10 days in the summer camp (in Arzni). In this way organization tries to encourage children, who took active part in the classes conducted by the organization during the whole semester. Each of them must realize that education is priority for them and, by putting it on the first place and using it in their life they will succeed.
   We are sure, that children will realize all these and during 2007 - 2008 academic year they will be more responsible and hard-working as they see their friends' success.
Preparatory work
   "Future is Open" educational NGO carries out the preparatory work for the 2007 2008 semester. Organization refers to different companies and individuals for support by donating writing accessories and proposing educational curriculum; prepares the plan of conducting classes; discusses the recruitment of new volunteers in the educational programs; seeks organizations and individuals who are ready to cooperate and help children disinterestedly.
   On order to have a successful launch of new semester from September 17, we appeal to all those individuals and organizations that can support with above mentioned issues to visit our office. We assure to keep informed the society about any support through our website.
Presentation of the organization's website Member of the "International Society for Prevention of the Child Abuse and Neglect"
Presentation of the organization's website
   "Future is open" educational NGO applying to "Arminco" CJSC got the website. After conducting the preliminary work for developing the website, now our NGO presents its work through the website done by the volunteers. The only reason to develop the website was to show NGO's work, problems and achievements, which are visible every day. There is detailed information about NGO's work in different parts of the website. After investigating our entire website, please send us Your proposals and remarks, which will certainly be taken into consideration.
Member of the "International Society for Prevention of the Child Abuse and Neglect"
   At the beginning of June 2007 "Future is Open" educational NGO became a full member of the "International Society for Prevention of the Child Abuse and Neglect." This organization has quite an extended and rich experience in helping children in different difficulties. It provides "Future is Open" educational NGO a great opportunity to cooperate with different international organizations, that work with children who have different needs and, besides, to put in international experience into similar organizations of Armenia.
   This exclusive opportunity will enable us to broaden the programs, aimed at children's welfare and education, satisfying their own needs.
We assure that through our cooperation many other organizations will be involved in these programs by carrying out different projects.
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